JSC "Ilzenbergo dvaras"Ilzenbergo dvaras

M     Tel.: +370 696 44004

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A    Ilzenbergas vil. 4, Juodupė eldership, Rokiškis district

         GPS coordinates: 56.1595953, 25.5245220

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The Ilzenberg estate area covers not only park and manor. Here people live and work at the farm all year round. We seek to align the interests of the visitors of our manor and the interests of the people working in the manor and the farm, so we kindly ask our visitors to come only within the set visiting hours, and act in accordance with the internal procedures of the Ilzenberg estate:
• do not interfere with people working here, respect their privacy;
• behave securely, do not approach the operating equipment and machines;
• do not enter buildings or animal enclosures;
• do not feed or touch animals – they can be dangerous!
• do not bathe at the places that are not suitable for it;
• do not drink intoxicating drinks;
• do not smoke, litter or light fire;
• fish on the lake of Ilgis only having bought a permit.

We welcome every guest at the Ilzenberg Manor with due respect! We are awaiting you!


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