Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the farm situated?

Rokiškis district, on the border with Latvia. This is a unique place, and not only for its beauty. The Ilzenberg Manor’s farm, surrounded by lakes and forests, is an ideal place to develop biodynamic farming, since here, far from the cities, environment remained clean, uncontaminated; the farm is in the mid of virgin nature.

What makes your products special?

The products are completely natural - as 100 years ago. “Like my grandma’s,” that is how the evaluation of our products sounds. The taste of naturalness, encoded in our genes.

The food grown up based on the principles of biodynamics contain a maximum of energy and liveliness, are very healthy.

We offer products typical for every season – we do not sell fresh strawberries in winter or pickled cucumbers in summer. We supply a full set of all food products historically growing in Lithuania, which had been eaten by our ancestors living on Lithuanian lands thousands of years ago.

Why should You order our products?

• It is reliable – you will make sure you eat a healthy natural food. Welcome to our farm to see it with your eyes.
• Convenient – no need to shop around trade centres, markets, stores in search for the right products. You will find all of them in our cart.
• Useful – you will save time, money, and be healthy.

What products does the cart consist of?

All everyday dairy products, bread, eggs, meat, fish, vegetables, whole grains, flour, semi-finished products, herbs, honey.
Our list of products offered depends on a season – from early spring, we have lots of fresh vegetables, in winter – we offer canned vegetables, green salads, and stock vegetables.
Clients receive our list of farm products every week.

How to choose products?

Fill in the order form in the online system – select products and their quantity. If you do not want any product, enter 0 in the order column. If you want more of any product – enter 2, 3, or any other desired quantity in this column.

When and where is the Cart delivered?

Carts are delivered to the agreed place in Vilnius once a week. Collect them from 4 to 8 pm.

Where to apply for the Order?

The easiest way – by e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
For more information: Tel. 8 696 44004

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