Information for visitors

Information for visitors

Ilzenbergo dvaras ir ūkisIlzenberg Manor area is not just a park and the manor. People are living here year-round, besides, the first and the largest in the Baltic countries Ilzenberg Manor Farm is operating here in compliance with biodynamic farming principles.

Therefore, in order to match the interests of Yours (guests), inhabitants, and the farm’s activities, please visit on fixed hours only:

Visiting hours:   from 10 am to 7 pm  Saturdays-Sundays, October-April
                           from 10 am to 7 pm  Thursdays -Sundays, May-September


Manor gates

  • To buy a visit ticket (3 EUR), please send SMS with the text Parkas by phone number 1398
  • Price of photo session in the manor – 120 EUR. Please agree photo session with the manor manager by phone +370 696 44004.
  • To buy a 2-day fishing permit in the Ilgis Lake (1.5 Eur), please send SMS with the text Zve1 by phone number 1398.
  • To buy a one-month fishing permit in the Ilgis Lake (1.5 Eur), please send SMS with the text Zve2 by phone number 1398.

When visiting the manor, please comply with the following requirements:

  • do not disturb people working there and respect their privacy;
  • not to go inside the buildings, behave cautiously – keep away from operating machinery and equipment;
  • keep away from animals and do not feed them, as animals’ reaction may be unpredictable;
  • do not swim in water bodies within the manor;
  • do not drink beer or other alcoholic beverages;
  • do not smoke or make a fire
  • take away all the garbage with you.


A bird's-eye view of the manor:


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