Differences between biodynamic and organic farming

Differences between biodynamic and organic farming

Biodynamic farm is not only cultivation, but philosophy, too. Austrian philosopher Rudolf Steiner, the founder of anthroposophy, was the inspirer and pioneer of biodynamic farming. In 1924, he published a book “Humanitarian Principles of Prospering Agriculture.” According to his philosophy, farming should be arranged in regard with not only natural (earthy), but also cosmic rhythms and energy, since anything that is alive is a well harmonised whole, closely coherent with space.

The farm has a heated greenhouseConsumers of agricultural food products actively keep up interest in cultivation and distribution processes, promote a healthy lifestyle. The farm distributes its newsletter, recipes, arranges farm visits, and so on. Close communication of to the cultivator and the consumer benefits from special freshness, quality of products, environmentally sustainable agricultural development, dissemination of knowledge of how and where true foods come from.

Biodynamic farming does not resort to any chemicals, while organic one tolerates certain sprays. Soil, but not fertilizers, gives life. For this purpose, eight natural components are used in biodynamic farming: two-years rot cattle manure, quartz sand, and six herbs – chamomile, yarrow, nettle, oak bark, valerian and dandelion. They supply the soil and plants growing therein with new strength – “dynamic.” Such farming practice ensures food products as they have been over the thousands of years of human existence. Of course, at the same time, we have to keep in mind that labour productivity in this type of farm is sometimes poorer than in conventional farms, respectively, the food cost happens to be higher than the one of products grown in common (industrial) farms.

Organic farming uses nitrates for meat processing, so that it retains colour and is longer stored. Meanwhile, biodynamic farming resorts solely to natural components such as salt, onions, milk, etc.

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