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Goodies cart

Our offer – lovingly grown healthy food

Biodynamic farming is an approach to farming based on anthroposophical philosophy. The farm is considered as an independent living entity, seeking to minimise the destruction of the balance in nature and to keep human relations consistent.

The Ilzenbergas Farm, pursuing a status of an international biodynamic farm, is very different from organic farms as well: plants and animals are grown here not only in natural conditions, but also with their vital energy being stimulated and nurtured. Biodynamic products are live products. A human stays alive thanks not only to calories, but also to the whole life energy. All of this energy is preserved and nurtured in biodynamic products. Anthroposophical philosophy contributes hereto as well.

Carts are shipped once a weekThe Ilzenberg farm, pursuing a status of an international biodynamic farm, operates as a closed ecosystem, which does not tolerate any intervention from outside. Therefore, we derive all the stimulators of vital plant energy and disease preventers from our farm’s raw materials only: cow manure, nettle, chamomile, yarrow, oak bark, and dandelion.

Products of the Ilzenberg farm, pursuing a status of an international biodynamic farm, differ in their composition: they contain no preservatives, artificial colours, flavour enhancers, substitutes, or any other additives used for food sold in retails chains. Thus, this is food rich in energy, man-produced with love and devotion.

The Ilzenberg manor farm, practicing biodynamic principles, offers the widest range of biodynamically grown and produced food products:

  • All the dairy products loved by Lithuanians: milk, butter, cheese, and curd.
  • Poultry: hens, geese, and their eggs.
  • Cattle meat from organic pasture lands: lamb, beef.
  • Various types of bread made from natural yeast and grain that has been biodynamically grown in our farm only.
  • A variety of grains, cereals.
  • Our greenhouses and kitchen gardens offer you vegetables from early spring: different kinds of lettuce, cucumbers, tomatoes, beets, carrots, cabbages, courgettes, pumpkins, eggplants, peas, onions, garlic, other culinary herbs.
  • Apples, peers, plums, cherries, currents, raspberries, strawberries – all from our garden.
  • Honey – with love from our bees, harvested in organic meadows.
  • a wide range of traditional Lithuanian dried, fermented and smoked products.

You will receive all the products directly from us. Products of the Ilzenberg manor farm, practicing biodynamic principles, are cultivated, processed, and packaged right here, in the Ilzenberg Manor. We deliver the products to You by our own transport means. We, thus, have created a supply chain without intermediaries, without any chance of any inadvertent “messing” with non-biodynamic, non-organic products.

Join our community

Welcome to the Ilzenbergas community-supported farm. The basis of the farming – mutual respect and goodwill of consumers and the farm.

A total price is calculated based on to the quantity of products ordered at fixed prices, which can be found by logging to the online system.

The farm’s life revolves around hereBiodynamic farming method builds strong and completely different in terms of quality relations between the producer (farm) and the consumer. They rest upon the biodynamic farming philosophy cognition and trust: the farm in no way seeks a single-day (single-year) benefit. The farm’s purpose – a biodynamically thinking community of consumers and producers.

Consumers are those people who understand a naturalness of a biodynamic product and its benefit for humans. They also understand that output in such a farm is sometimes lower than in conventional or organic farming, because it does not involve any chemicals. So, accordingly, the price may be somewhat higher (yet, not always).

We are producers, not dealers. Therefore, we do not count mark-ups – solely the cost of production: buying off the production tools, remuneration of workers corresponding to the Lithuanian rate, energy and transport costs, other minimum farm maintenance costs. Therefore, we discuss neither discounts nor mark-ups.
Before each season, the producer agrees with consumers (subject to the majority of needs and farm’s feasibilities) upon:

  • what products a cart (box) will consist of, the quantities estimated;
  • how many varieties will simultaneously fit in the goodies cart (box);
  • how often and where (place, package, time) the goodies cart will be delivered (collected).

 Order the Ilzenberg farm food

Click a link to see a content of the Ilzenbergas food cart and order the goodies cart: ORDER THE ILZENBERGAS FOOD CART. Ilzenberg farm products can be delivered only to addresses in Lithuania.  The list of cities for order delivery is presented here:

For more information about the Ilzenbergas food cart, please call +370 696 44004 or e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

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