How to become a member (consumer)?

How to become a member (consumer)?

We proposed to join the Ilzenbergas community-supported farm as early as in 2014. The Ilzenbergas farm, which operates in accordance with biodynamic farming requirements is the only one farm in Lithuania situated in the unique natural surroundings of a manor, rich in history and energy. Usually, farming is economically based on a yield risk shared between consumers and a farm: a consumer pays a pre-determined price. The price is calculated based on costs, that is, based on the pre-determined, rather than actual, scope of production, with regard to the potential reduction in the output due to all kinds of monkey business of nature (storm, drought, animal diseases).

The farm’s goodies  cart

Biodynamic farming method builds strong and completely different in terms of quality (farm) – consumer relations. They rest upon the biodynamic farming philosophy cognition and trust: the farm in no way seeks a single-day (i.e., single-year) benefit. The farm’s purpose – a biodynamically thinking community of consumers and producers.

Such level of trust is not yet fully practiced in Lithuania, therefore, consumers pay for the actual quantity of goods delivered and receive a share of all the agricultural harvest: during the season – fresh crops, out of season – all of the off-season foods consumed in Lithuania since olden times.

Consumers of our biodynamically operating farm are people who understand a naturalness of a biodynamic product and its benefit for a human. They also understand that output in such a farm is sometimes lower than in conventional or organic farming, because it does not involve any chemicals. So, accordingly, the price is higher.

We are producers, not dealers. Therefore, we do not count mark-ups – solely the cost of production: buying off the production tools, remuneration of workers corresponding to the average Lithuanian’s rate, energy and transport costs, other minimum typical costs of farm maintenance. Therefore, we neither provide discounts nor demand mark-ups: You are always free to learn about our production costs.

Before each season, the farm agrees with consumers upon:

  • how often and where (place, package, time) the goodies cart will be delivered (collected);

In order to receive our goodies cart, you need to register with the online system. Once registered, please fill out the order form – select products and their quantity. If you do not want any product, enter 0 in the order column, and if you want more of any product – enter 2, 3, or any other desired quantity in this column.

Please find below the main provisions for becoming a consumer of the community-supported Ilzenbergas farm operating under the biodynamic farming requirements:

  1. The price of a cart of products depends on the products selected and their quantity. We offer only what nature has given in conjunction with all our efforts, only what has grown up – You order only what you choose from the list of products offered weekly.
  2. Goodies carts are delivered on the agreed date and time to the named cities in Lithuania, the list of cities for delivery is presented here:
  3. The farm supplies bread, vegetables, fruit, eggs, meat, and other products to its members all year round by order of seasonality of field-grown and matured vegetables. Therefore, the cart is less diverse in winter, as preserved products are supplied only, and much more diverse during the in summer.
  4. Contents of the cart (box) ranges from 4 to 50 varieties of products. Once the harvest begins, a consumer receives a weekly list of seasonal vegetables and fruit, sometimes, herbs, cut flowers, honey, eggs, dairy and meat products, fresh fish, bread products.
  5. Each year, a consumer always may order a larger amount of conventional products. The list of such products depends entirely on the crop yield and the estimated demand for the whole year since we cultivate solely in the quantities our consumers are planned to need.

Aubrakų banda ganyklojeWe would like to take an opportunity to thank the company “Ilzenbergo dvaras” for having created perfect conditions for biodynamic farming, as well as for its great contribution to fostering of biodynamic farming traditions in Lithuania in pursuance of the best Europe's examples.

Thank to UAB “Ilzenbergo dvaras,” our products have become significantly cheaper and more affordable to You.

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