Manor services for You

500 years of history – beside You. You may get this unique experience in the Ilzenberg Manor, which has dedicated one of the oldest and most beautiful manor spaces to its guests.

The centenarian park and the guest house at the periphery, the Manor Bathhouse with a special story, and the Love Bridge running to the lake island shrouded in legends. We invite You and Your friends to this lordly atmosphere all year round.

Imagine Your weekend in the Ilzenberg Manor as follows:

Valties nuoma

Boat rental

You will boat by the gorgeous Ilgis Lake, visit the islands and, even, swim away to Latvia.

Pasivažinėjimas karieta

Carriage ride

Not the Ilzenberg Manor alone is famous for its marvellous beauty. Magnificent hills and panoramic scenery are typical for the Ilzenberg surrounding as well. And the tour by the old carriage will make you feel true noblemen visiting Ilzenbergas to spend a wonderful weekend.

Vakaras ir nakvynė Amatų name

Evening and overnight in the Crafts Cottage

This is the antique stone house in the Ilzenberg Manor Park, with two mezzanine rooms, 15 beds, a kitchenette, a living room, and a fireplace.
You will also find here an outdoor barbecue grill with firewood for a one-time firing.

  • The house accommodates 15 beds.
  • During the weekend in the Crafts Cottage, catering from the manor farm is available. The only condition is to agree on the catering a few business days prior to arrival.

We also accept individual orders for dishes made of the products which are available in the farm at that moment. Besides, you may buy farm products.

Vakaras Pirtyje

Sauna night

This is the largest and oldest manor bathhouse in Lithuania. It is located on a lakeshore, close to the Crafts Cottage, on the outskirts of the Ilzenberg Manor Park.

The stone bathhouse simultaneously accommodates 25 people. The bathhouse has two ovens, one of which is smoke oven.

Beside the bathhouse, there is a barbecue grill with firewood for a one-time firing.


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