The Ilzenberg Manor initiates and develops public projects, including those held in the Manor and the biodynamic farm operating herein.

The manor, which had been obscure for decades, now is restored and ready for a new life – it has a park, a community-supported farm founded and operating according to biodynamic principles.

Parkui reikia nuolatinės priežiūrosThe Ilzenberg Manor takes special care of the state-sponsored Ilzenberg Manor Park established in the 18th century, is creating a recreation area at the Ilgis Lake. This space is planned to serve the community, which, in turn, would contribute to the creation of the new and attractive manor of Ilzenberg.

The Ilzenberg Manor is rather an usual place of interest for the farm operating, animals kept herein, and machinery employed. People working in the farm cannot devote enough time for welcoming visitors, taking them along the park, telling the history of the manor, or the uniqueness of biodynamic farming.

Therefore, we are looking for volunteers to create traditions of public relations, to help in the park management, to make it a unique centre of attraction, and to contribute to the establishment of the non-traditional farm.
We offer volunteers to gain experience of project development and management in the Ilzenberg Manor, intensive communication with the public, and acquire knowledge of the park planting and maintenance bases; they would have a chance to take care of the farm animals.

The Ilzenberg Manor is constantly looking for volunteers. Potential volunteer works:

  1. Assistance in the park:
    1. In maintenance and management of the park;
    2. In pruning and trimming trees;
    3. Park arrangement: description of trees, naming tracks, creating legends of benches and other places, digitization of the park;
    4. Webpage creation.
  2. Soil adaptation to the biodynamic farming: pruning, planting
  3. Arranging tours around the Ilzenberg park (manor).
  4. Assistance in planning and conducting the educational tour-programme on biodynamic farming for school groups. Topic: “Life Journey of a Biodynamic Product.”
  5. Creation of a film about the biodynamic farm.
  6. Support in animal welfare.

Work will be assigned to each volunteer with regard to his/her capabilities only.

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