Authentic Box of Farm Goods

Authentic Box of Farm Goods

We hereby certify that the box for keeping the manor farm products has an absolutely noble origin.

The Ilzenberg Manor’s Goodies CartIt is made of century-old maple, linden, oak from the manor park. Some of them were planted by the founders of the Ilzenberg Manor Park – German nobility Orgies-Rutenberg – in the middle of the18th century.

To make the trees of honourable age continue their history and safe their noble aura, craftsmen of Ilzenberg decided to make a box of the timber. Therefore, this work-piece under a special historic and energy code is considered a unique part of the Ilzenberg Manor. The uniqueness combines into a whole what the eye do not see, but what the soul feels – a noble uniqueness of the area, prevailed with tranquillity and harmony.

The certificate confirms that the box, made by the Ilzenberg craftsmen, is the first and only one in Lithuania to have special qualities referable to its origin.

Ilzenberg Manor’s craftsmen


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