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Noblemen von Kersebrock

The Manor was most likely founded in 1515. At that moment, landlords of the Manor owned 615 ha of agricultural land and 2,234 ha of lands with peasants. The first landlord of the Ilzenberg Manor was considered Berndt Kerssenbrock. His family owned the Manor from 1515 to 1616. On Bernd’s death (presumed date of death - 1616.), the manor was inherited by his wife Anna who died in 1680. Afterwards, landlords of the Ilzenberg Manor changed a few times, while Anna lived on somewhere beside and was buried between the Ilzenberg and Alksniai manors. The rule of Kerssenbrock family in the Ilzenberg Manor is considered as having come to an end in 1616.

In 1642, the intendant of Wenden (Cēsis) Castle, Nicolaus von Korff, reacquired the Alksniai Manor, situated in the neighbourhood of Ilzenberg, from Wilhelm Heyck. The act of purchase was signed in Vabalninkas, a witness to the transaction was Matthias von Orgies, whose son, Adam, later became a landlord of the Ilzenberg Manor (the first of this family). Nicolaus von Korff married Katarina von Effern, coming from Nereta (Nerft) near Ilzenberg. At this very moment, the Ilzenberg Manor is supposed to have become the property of Nicolaus von Korff. In 1653, their daughter Agnesa married to Ernst von Sacken.

The Digest of Livonian noble families of Astaf von Transehe-Roseneck refers to information from the archive of the Ilzenberg Manor stating that Adam von Orgies, on 14 June 1683, purchased the Alksniai Manor in Courland for ten thousand Reichsthalers and ruled it until March of 1704. Then, on 17 October 1687, he entered into a contract with Magnus Ernst von Korff and his wife Louisa Elisabeth for the purchase and disposal of the Ilzenberg Manor starting from the year 1688. Thus, Adam von Orgies is considered the first owner of the Orgies-Rutenberg family in the Ilzenberg Manor.

During the period of 1863-1896, the Ilzenberg manor was managed by Fuchs. He rebuilt the manor, which remained virtually unchanged to this day. We can find information about the new landlord of the Ilzenberg Manor, German engineer N.N.Fuchs, in notes of the writer G.Isokas. He wrote down locals’ stories about Ilzenberg. The legend tells that Ilzenberg Manor was rebuilt in the 19th century by the German engineer of Tsarist Russia, who laid down railway in the region.

Until the World War 2, the Ilzenberg Manor was owned by Dymsza – in 1896, Eugeniusz Dymsza (1853-1918), born in Zdoniškės, purchased the manor in 1896. Eugeniusz Dymsza studied in gymnasium of Mintauja and later graduated from the Road and Communication Higher School in St. Petersburg.

In 1940, a part of Dymsza’s lands were rented by the farmer Budreika. The Manor’s land was, nevertheless, seized and transferred to the State Land Fund. The Soviet government did not have time to implement its plans – to establish the Ilzenberg state farm or to allocated the lands to landless and land-poor peasants, for the Soviet-German war began, and Lithuania was occupied by German troops.

After Lithuania regained its independence in 1990 and escaped from the clutches of the Soviet Empire, the changes started have had crucial consequences for the Ilzenberg Manor as well. On 30 January 1991, Onuškis state farm’s workers decided to re-register Onuškis state farm to a state-owned farm. The farm, nevertheless, fell apart quite soon, small plots of land were divided among farmers. This way, the former lands of the Ilzenberg manor were again in private ownership.

In 2003, the Manor was purchased, along with 9.99 ha of surrounding lands, by a private individual. Over the next eight years, the major part of scattered buildings and lands of the manor were gathered into a single legal seat. Today, the company “Ilzenbergo dvaras“ owns appr. 500 ha of land in the surrounding areas. Thus, the formation of the area necessary for manor restoration was completed. The aim was to renovate buildings and to create a unified assemble of the Ilzenberg manor, to found a biodynamic farm. So, the ongoing preparatory works are a step in this direction. We have obtained authorisation to launch restoration of the manor and other works.

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