Independent Lithuania’s Authorities

Independent Lithuania’s Authorities

After Lithuania regained its independence in 1990 and escaped from the clutches of the Soviet Empire, the changes started have had crucial consequences for the Ilzenberg Manor as well. On 30 January 1991, Onuškis state farm’s workers decided to re-register Onuškis state farm to a state-owned farm. The farm, nevertheless, fell apart quite soon, small plots of land were divided among farmers. This way, the former lands of the Ilzenberg manor were again in private ownership.

img dvaras nepriklausomybes metaisOn 22 October 1992, by Decree of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Republic of Lithuania, Panevėžys state plant “Ekranas (Screen)” transferred the Ilzenberg recreation complex to Panevėžys power grid state-owned company, which from it was taken over by Panevėžys County Administration to the privatization fund.

However, the manor was poorly attended for a certain time, and no buyer came along. The manor was in thieves’ hands, who even dared to pull out and carry away stones from some buildings (stables, etc.).

Upon settling a watchman in 1998, thefts in the Ilzenberg Manor stopped, however, the manor palace kept standing unattended.

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