Noblemen Heyck, Korff and Sacken

Noblemen Heyck, Korff and Sacken

In 1642, the intendant of Wenden (Cēsis) Castle, Nicolaus von Korff, reacquired the Alksniai Manor, situated in the neighbourhood of Ilzenberg, from Wilhelm Heyck. The act of purchase was signed in Vabalninkas, a witness to the transaction was Matthias von Orgies, whose son, Adam, later became a landlord of the Ilzenberg Manor (the first of this family). Nicolaus von Korff married Katarina von Effern, coming from Nereta (Nerft) near Ilzenberg. At this very moment, the Ilzenberg Manor is supposed to have become the property of Nicolaus von Korff. In 1653, their daughter Agnesa married to Ernst von Sacken.

The first Coat of Arms of Korff family

The Coat of Arms of the family of Courland barons von Osten-Sacken

The Coat of arms of Graf von Korff gen. Schmising-Kerssenbrock

The digest of Baltic noble families lists Ernst von Sacken as the lord of the Ilzenberg Manor in 1653-1677. It can be argued that he became the lord of the manor through wedlock. In 1677, his daughter Maria Gertruda von Sacken married to the captain Magnus Ernst von Korff.

The digest of Baltic noble families identified Magnus Ernst von Korff Ilzenberg as the landlord of the manor from 1677 to 1687. After the death of his wife Maria Gertruda von Sacken, in 1687, the new lord of the manor of Ilzenberg, Magnus Ernst von Korff, married Louisa Elisabeth von Rummel. She inherited her parents’ manor where, together with her husband, settled down.

Meanwhile, it was determined to sell the Ilzenberg Manor to the lord of the neighbouring Alksniai Manor, Adam von Orgies.

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