Noblemen von Orgies - Rutenberg

Noblemen von Orgies - Rutenberg

Baronų Orgies-Rutenberg giminės herbas.

The Digest of Livonian noble families of Astaf von Transehe-Roseneck refers to information from the archive of the Ilzenberg Manor stating that Adam von Orgies, on 14 June 1683, purchased the Alksniai Manor in Courland for ten thousand Reichsthalers and ruled it until March of 1704. Then, on 17 October 1687, he entered into a contract with Magnus Ernst von Korff and his wife Louisa Elisabeth for the purchase and disposal of the Ilzenberg Manor starting from the year 1688. Thus, Adam von Orgies is considered the first owner of the Orgies-Rutenberg family in the Ilzenberg Manor.

In 1697, the Ilzenberg Manor was inherited from Adam by his older son, Friedrich Wilhelm. In 1716, Christoph Georg became the next heir of the Ilzenberg Manor. He is considered the very ancestor of Orgies-Rutenberg of Ilzenberg in the family tree of Orgies-Rutenberg.

In 1844, the Lutheran Church was built at the expense of Elizabeth von Rutenberg

In 1775, Johan Christopher, as the eldest son of Christoph, inherited the Ilzenberg. About 1790, in Ilze (1.7 km from Ilzenberg), he built a Lutheran church without a bell tower, in the place of which, in 1844, the widow of Georg Friedrich built a new one, which survived till nowadays. In 1844, the Lutheran Church was built at the expense of Elizabeth von Rutenberg.

In 1808, the Manor was inherited by Ernst Dietrich Victor. In 1854, he married Elisabeth von Klopman, but they did not have children, and he became the last representative of the Orgies-Rutenberg family in Ilzenberg. Without any heir, in distress of the uprising in Lithuania in 1863, Ernst Dietrich sold the Ilzenberg Manor to the German engineer N.N.Fuchs in the same year, while left for Paris together with his wife, and then – to Naples, where he died in 1868.

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