Manor legends

In 1656, the Ilzenberg Manor was directly affected by the war between Sweden and Russia. The facts testify that there were three cannons of the 17th century in the manor area, left behind by the Swedish army. In 1926, the landlady of the Ilzenberg Manor Liwia Dymsza donated the cannons to Kaunas War Museum.

It is believed that the first bathhouse was built in the Ilzenberg Manor back in the early 17th century, under the lordship of the manor founders, the noble family of Kerssenbrocks. The bathhouse was attended by the whole family of the nobleman – it was built away from the manor house, in the most picturesque place of the lakeshore, where from a view of the lake island was revealed.

In 2013, the oak growing in the park was declared a state-protected natural heritage asset (Rokiškis d.). The size of its mighty trunk is 6.3 m, diameter – 2 m, and height – 30.5 m.

This story happened about the year of 1860. At that time, the Ilzenberg’s youth contrived to celebrate Midsummer and other holidays on the island of the Ilgis Lake, where the old oak was growing. Girls believed that love words said by guys by this oak would remain firm and immortal like the oak. So, they often seduced young men to boat to the island.

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