The Great Oak

The Great Oak

In 2013, the oak growing in the park was declared a state-protected natural heritage asset (Rokiškis d.). The size of its mighty trunk is 6.3 m, diameter – 2 m, and height – 30.5 m.

According to the owner of the Ilzenberg Manor Vaidas Barakauskas, the oak for a long time had been hiding among other trees, however, once they started trimming of the restored Manor Park, the oak became a celebrity of the park right away. Ilzenberg Manor park is state-protected since 1963, covers an area of 10 ha, and more than 23 species of trees are growing in it.

The Great Oak is visible from far away“We are proud for the Manor Oak, declared the state-protected natural heritage, after all, we are reconstructuring the Ilzenberg Manor, along with its palace, outbuildings, park, garden, and other infrastructure, at the same, trying to preserve the heritage, the reproduce the authentic look of the manor and its surroundings,” says V. Barakauskas.

According to the senior expert of the Planning and Cadastre Department of the State Service for Protected Areas under the Ministry of Environment, Giedrius Mikalauskas, there were 571 state-protected natural heritage sites (157 of them were declared natural monuments) and 232 municipal protected natural heritage sites in Lithuania on 1 December 2012.

“The Ilzenberg  Manor Oak is a natural botanical heritage asset. To declare a site as protected, it must meet the criteria established: to have large enough dimensions. Its aesthetic value, suitability to adapt it to visits, to the development of natural sciences, education, the possibility to add the site to the tourist route are the issues of high importance. The Ilzenberg oak has met all of these the listed requirements and was declared the state-protected natural heritage asset,” says G.Mikalauskas.

The major purpose of granting the status of protected natural heritage asset is to preserve the nature’s unique creations and to enable future generations to see them.
The oldest and thickest growing oak in Lithuania is the Stelmužė Oak (Zarasai d.). It is about 1,500 years old, its diameter – 3.5 m, the size of trunk on the ground – about 13 m.

The next is Mingėla Oak (Plunge d.), the girth of trunk– 7.50 m, Glitiskes Oak (Vilnius d.), the girth – 7.40 m., Karveliai Oak (Kaunas d.), the girth – 7.20 m.
Oaks grow best in fertile loam or clay soils, rich in carbonates. Such places are good for mighty trees.

They grow up to 30-35 m high. The roots run deep, the crown is broad, branches are large. Bear fruit starting from 15-60 years of age. They are the symbol of power and rigidity.

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