The Legend of Love Island

The Legend of Love Island

This story happened about the year of 1860. At that time, the Ilzenberg’s youth contrived to celebrate Midsummer and other holidays on the island of the Ilgis Lake, where the old oak was growing. Girls believed that love words said by guys by this oak would remain firm and immortal like the oak. So, they often seduced young men to boat to the island.

The bridge to the Love Island“I love you,” once Ieva heard these words from her beloved Jonas. Before they could celebrate their wedding, Jonas was recruited by tsarist gendarmes and taken away. Thank God, not for 25 years, as before, but for 12.

Jonas came back home from the war is no longer so young and beautiful. He did not hope to meet his young love Ieva. But is not it a miracle? Ieva was waiting for him all the time. Neither so young as before, yet, beautiful, slender, with loving blue eyes.

“I could not but wait for you. Can’t not remember, on the island, by the old oak, saying that you loved me. These words would not simply disappear, they accompanied and protected us to see each other again. The words of love told on island stay alive and protect. Do you see it now?” gently said Ieva to Jonas.
Soon enough, they got married, and nothing disquieted their happiness anymore.

Years run by, generations changed, and the legend of the Love Island passed into silence.

While collecting memories of local people and events, the new owners of the Ilzenberg Manor happened to overhear these long-forgotten love stories. Therefore, at their initiative, it was decided to build a bridge to the Love Island. And to name it “The Bridge of Love.”

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