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Our offer – lovingly grown healthy food

Carts are shipped once a weekThrough consistent work without using any chemical agents, based on the closed natural cycle: earth, plant, animal and man, the Ilzenberg farm is ready to offer a wide range of healthy food products (more than 100), which is changing along with nature:

• A great variety of cereal grains, flour and flakes.
• Poultry meat: chicken, goose, duck and turkey as well as chicken and other poultry eggs.
• Meat of ecological pasture-grazed bovine animals: beef, sheep meat and meat products made of them.
• Milk and various dairy products: butter, sour cream, curd, curd and fermented cheese, yoghurt, kefir, curdled milk.
• Apples, pears, plums, cherries from the young fruit trees planted on a garden plot cultivated for centuries, and berries: currants, raspberries, strawberries.
• Vegetables grown in our greenhouses and gardens from the early spring: various salads, cucumbers, tomatoes, beets, carrots, cabbage, courgettes, pumpkins, peas, onions, garlic and other herbs.
• Bee honey collected in ecologically clean manor surroundings.
• A great variety of dried, fermented, tanned and smoked foods that have long been characteristic of Lithuania.

 Our farm food products are exclusive because:

- They are grown without any artificial fertilisers, pesticides or other artificial chemical additives. Farm fields are fertilised only with manure, mulch, natural compost and silage.

- The products are intended for a healthy diet as they do not contain any preservatives, synthetic colorants, flavour enhancers, food substitutes or any other additives that are widely used in food industry companies.

- It is a high-energy food that is produced by humans with love and devotion.

All of these products are delivered to you directly from our farm. The products of the Ilzenberg farm, working in harmony with nature, are grown, processed and packed only in the manor. They are also delivered by our own transport.

The Ilzenberg farm offers also a range of products of our Friends. These are carefully selected, biodynamic, ecological or natural farming-based products. In our assortment you can find these organic products: oil, noodles, pasta, crackers, various herbs and spices, coffee, chocolates, etc.

Our selected products are natural, with no additives. Therefore, their taste is real homemade, “just like grandma’s”, made without any tricks of the modern food industry.

logo pixelsThe usual Ilzenberg farm’s logo (pigeons) is exclusively placed on products grown and produced by the Ilzenberg farm and containing no less than 80% of the farm-grown ingredients. This is determined by the international standard for the production of biodynamic products: the product may contain only up to 20% of ingredients other than grown on the farm (for example: sugar, salt, spices, seeds, oil, vinegar, etc.).

The products that are not made by us are clearly distinguished and labelled. Their labels represent not the standard Ilzenberg farm’s pigeons wearing tuxedos, but the rider. They may also be delivered with the original manufacturer’s label. On the labels and in when ordering, you can see the text informing that this particular product was made “with the help of friends”.Draugu logotipas geras

The logo of the friends symbolises the horseman from a neighbouring farm, who has come to help the farm, and so it is indeed. The logo appears when the product contains less than 80% of ingredients grown on our farm or if it is not produced on our farm. In the first case, the note next to the rider says that the product is “Produced with the help of friends”, while in the second case, when the product is grown off the farm, we mark it with the text saying “The product of our friends certified by the Ilzenberg farm”.

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