Natural farm “Ilzenbergas”

Natural farm “Ilzenbergas”

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The long-term goal of the Ilzenberg Manor farm, which is working in harmony with nature, is to become the leading farm practicing natural agriculture not only in Lithuania, but also in the whole Baltic Sea region.

The environmentally friendly Ilzenberg agricultural company is giving priority to growing, processing, producing and supplying healthy and natural food, grown and prepared with special care for Lithuanian and foreign consumers.

The Ilzenberg has been developed as a farm for centuries. In 2015 it celebrated the 500th anniversary in a fully restored manor. It is unique for its peace and good vibe. It ensures perfect conditions to work and live as well as to grow and flourish.img biodinaminis ukis 1

The farm is unique as it works in accordance with the principles of natural agriculture. At the moment, it is the only full-service farm in the manor not only in Lithuania, but also in Latvia and Estonia.

In 2017 all products grown within the farm obtained international organic and biodynamic certification.

The organic Ilzenberg farm works as a closed ecosystem that does not tolerate any intervention from the outside. Therefore, we produce all plant vitamins and anti-infective agents using only on-farm materials: cow manure, nettle, chamomile, yarrow, oak bark, dandelion.

The Ilzenberg farm’s products are unique because they do not contain any unnatural preservatives, colour additives, flavour enhancers, various food substitutes or other additives often used in industrially produced foods.


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