For those willing to cooperate

For those willing to cooperate

Do you care about what your customers eat? Then we can find interest in each other.ilzenbergo biodinaminis ukis 4We are a company manufacturing food products grown and prepared in harmony with nature.

The Ilzenberg Manor farm surrounded by lakes and forests is a perfect place for the development of biodynamic, ecological and natural agriculture, because it has maintained a clean and uncontaminated environment. The farm is surrounded by nature almost untouched by human.

Our products are distinguished by their special taste, purity and quality.

We offer to cooperate in selling our farm’s products:

• Milk and dairy products
• Meat and meat products
• Cereal products and food produced from cereal
• Vegetable and vegetable products
• Honey

We maintain respectful and kind relationships, seeking a mutually beneficial solution.

Please contact us by contact details below and we will discuss possible ways of cooperation:


Mobile: +370 616 29375

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