Old Manor Smokehouse

Old Manor Smokehouse

A smokehouse – a manor building for smoking meat, cheese, fish.

Smokehouses of larger estates were arranged away from the front yard area – behind a garden, in a farm, but closer to a dwelling building – a cotter or house, household.

Smokehouse – a mysterious structure

In the Ilzenberg Manor, the smokehouse was built quite far from the palace – in the depths of the park, close to the former garden.

Throughout approximately one hundred and fifty years of development, quite exciting smokehouse buildings could be found in estates. The focus on smokehouse appearance was on purpose. A smokehouse, as well as a creamery or a storehouse, differed from other buildings with its vertical space. A smoke rushing from the building during the smoking process drew attention to the structure, especially, if the smokehouse was located in the main courtyard of the estate or at approaches to it. Therefore, the outbuilding was granted with beautiful proportions, stylish shape, sophisticated parts, and elegant decor. This was also typical for the smokehouse of the Ilzenberg Manor – legends tell that that it was the tower, where serfs were beaten before.

Smokehouses used to be shrouded in romanticism and mystiques. The Ilzenberg Manor’s smokehouse was somewhat mystified, too.

The Ilzenberg Manor’s smokehouse was not used for its intended purpose in the interwar period – it was the place to store a gardener's tools, while loops for meat hanging were a resting-place for bat.

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