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The only fully restored estate in Lithuania continues the history with its roots tracing back over 500 years. The white manor palace surrounded by natural beauty, the carefully restored farm buildings and the farm living in harmony with nature, engaged in organic cultivation and production. On arrival at the mansion, the sun clock reveals the mystery of time, and the rocky path leads to a 15-hectare park, one of the most beautiful mansion spaces, perfect for relaxation and entertainment. The thematic sculpture park “Love-Harmony-Nobility” was founded to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the restoration of independence of Lithuania. There is also an extraordinary history of the manor bathhouse. And a graceful Love Bridge, like a flying bird, linking the park with the Love Island.

We offer such a noble environment for you and your friends all year round. You can organise an exclusive celebration for yourself, your family, friends, partners to entertain or just relax. We invite you to get acquainted with us. Feel free to book an excursion around the manor and the tasting of farm products.

At the moment of arrival, you will experience the same impression as the commission which recognised the Ilzenberg estate as the most attractive cultural and touristic place in Lithuania in 2017.

Entrance fee is 6 Eur per an adult, 4 Eur per a pupil, a senior, a disable person; if you buy a ticket by SMS, an extra charge of 0,50 Eur will be added  to the operator.

To book an excursion or a service, please contact us by phone: +370 696 44004 or e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

The Ilzenberg Manor offers exclusively beautiful spaces for your celebration, event or meeting:


Park - for a celebration, event or concert in the spectacular open scenery of the park

Picturesque, beautifully maintained 15-hectare English-style park with its steep slopes falling down to the lake of Ilgis along with the Love Bridge leading to the legendary Love Island, and its artistic sculptures fascinate every visitor. We offer these spaces for your celebration and relaxation.

The Palace to celebrate memorable moments

The Palace to celebrate memorable moments

The Palace of the manor (built in the 19th century, with the vaulted cellars which have survived from the 18th century) is a representative two-storey building completely rebuilt in 2017, with magnificent exterior and interior decoration, surrounded by granite paths, picturesque greenery and a fountain representing the tree of angels.

Vakaras ir nakvynė Amatų name

Evening and overnight in the Crafts Cottage

This is the antique stone house in the Ilzenberg Manor Park, with two mezzanine rooms, 12 beds, a kitchenette, a living room, and a fireplace.
You will also find here an outdoor barbecue grill with firewood for a one-time firing.

Photoshoot at the palace, park or the Love Bridge

The palace features a gorgeous luxurious interior, furniture, a hall with a staircase, a superb library, artistic sculptures at the park, representing Love, Harmony and Nobility, the Love Bridge floating above the lake, a panoramic observation deck and cannons, three kilometres of park paths, the lake of Ilgis and clean ponds – you can capture all of these objects in your exclusive photo session and use them as a background for wonderful moments of Love and Happiness.

Bathing in the manor bathhouse

Bathing in the manor bathhouse

On the outskirts of the Ilzenberg park, on the lake of Ilgis, the manor bathhouse was restored to commemorate the January Uprising in 1863. Its heating room is by far the largest of all the estates not only in Lithuania but also in the Baltic States. The sauna was tested by the famous professional bathers in Lithuania and marked with a “Twig Leaf”.

Residential (owner’s) house for your celebrations or corporative events

On the days when no tasting is planned, you can rent a conference room on the second floor of the residential house, which accommodates up to 50 people. We do not rent these premises on weekends from May 1 by October 1.

Catering and tasting

Order tasting or meals at least 3 days before arrival. Discover the world of tastes and smells of goods grown and produced at the Ilzenberg estate farm or by our friends without disturbing the harmony with nature. Biodynamic, ecological, organic products are completely natural, healthy and full of special land and solar energy.

Festive lighting

Your evenings will be spectacular in the dark as we have a special visual service, the exclusive illumination of the Ilzenberg palace, buildings, access roads and paths. It is a supplement to the regular lighting of the palace and other buildings (smokehouse, sauna, crafts house, stables, barn, dam and stone bridge across the stream between the ponds).

Shop - cafe

Shop, café and online store

What we grow with no harm to nature, we reproduce and sell for ourselves.

Shop-cafe is open from 1 May until 15 October.

Opening hours:
June - August:
Wednesdays - Fridays, 11:00 - 18:00
Saturdays - Sundays, 10:30 - 19:00
May, September and October (1-15 days):    
Wednesdays - Fridays, 11:00 - 18:00
Saturdays - Sundays, 10:30 - 18:00

We sell farm products all year round at the manor online store. Here you can choose and order a variety of everyday foods: dairy products, meat, bread, pastry and vegetables. Please register at, submit an order, and we will deliver fresh and healthy food to your house.

A book about the Ilzenberg Manor

The book titled “The Signs of Lithuania’s History: The Ilzenberg Manor in 1515-2015” describes a rich and colourful history of the Ilzenberg estate for 500 years. You will be able to buy it during your stay.

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